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Stress Causes Many Mental and Physical Problems

Stress causes a variety of psychological and physiological symptoms. The presenting symptoms are related to such health problems of:

o Insomnia & Sleep Disorders o Allergies
o Depression/Anxiety 0 Muscle Pain
o Asthma o Memory Loss
o Ulcers o Digestive Problems
0 Headache 0 Skin Conditions

Get Relief from your Symptoms with Neuro-Biofeedback Training

With neuro-biofeedback treatment, you can get long-term relief with no secondary effects. These methods are cost-effective and will enable you to eliminate your stress without the use of costly and often ineffective prescribed medications.

With neuro-biofeedback treatment you'll live a happier and healthier life. This will improve both your home/family life and your work life.

Stress relief benefits of my neuro-biofeedback training include:

o You Feel Calmer o Improved Health
o More Relaxed 0 Relaxed Muscles
o More Focused o Better Mental Functions
o Better Sleep o More Balanced Life

About Dr. Shari

My name is Shari Shamsavari Ph.D., ATR. I have 30 years of service in the community helping families and children. In addition, I am an internationally published author of five books and many articles on biofeedback published in Spanish, English, and Farsi.

The origins of this Stress Relief Training came through working with children and helping their parents to improve their relationship. Because of the need to work with the whole family, I began to train both the parents and their children together so that ultimately the adults could have a positive impact on the younger generation. When both parents and children went through the training they were able to leave empowered and synchronized in their relationship.

Through my years of scientific research, I know that self-regulation can translate into eliminating stress and beginning to introduce positive feedback into your life. These practices were compiled with experts around the world and have proven results. The Stress Relief Training is an easy-to-follow daily program leading you into a stress free life.

I look forward to working with you.

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Doctor Shari's Stress Relief
Scientifically Proven Stress Relief Results
Neuro-Biofeedback Training
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